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Who are we

We are Erick, Scott, and Didrik—the passionate minds behind AcroDudes. Each of us has a distinct and rich educational background in various acrobatic disciplines, developed through years of hands-on experience with both kids and adults.

Group Trainings
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Our Mission

Empowering through science and personal connection

Our mission is simple—to empower individuals with the tools they need for ongoing personal growth in acrobatics.  We're proficient in English, Norwegian, and Spanish, and we can accommodate other languages to provide a tailored learning experience that addresses each individual's needs.

Mission Statement


Ensuring everyone gets the best chance to achieve their goals

We specialize in tackling both educational and performance challenges in acrobatics, coaching, and performance. We're dedicated to offering a fun, rewarding, and professional learning atmosphere. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise, we can adjust our methods to match the specific needs of every student, ensuring each action, flip, and technique becomes a stride towards expertise.


What clients have to say

We actively urge our clients to share constructive feedback. This builds an environment where athletes take an active role in molding their training, always question the lessons they receive, and helps us ensure our services are always advancing and getting better.

You guys are great. You three made Galaxy into a better club. Not only with your teaching skills, but also with the way you are with EVERYONE. Total representatives of the values you teach the kids. Thank you🙏

Our session was amazing! Everything was explained way different than ever before, and I have been in the industry for a while. These guys are passionate and involved. I was shocked to see how above and beyond they go for their students. seriously incredible!!

Love your way of treating the group; including everyone, getting them to laugh and feel free to ask any questions. You were so fast to get an overview and divided the group when needed to get the most out of the session for everyone. All three of you have something to teach and convey - what a good team you are 😄


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