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. .with our Online-Coaching, you get just that! - An Expert Coach at your fingertips. Not only does this give you the freedom to never stop learning, it also allows you to learn at your own pace.

-We're ready, when  you are!

Package Options(2)


1 Week — Basic Package.

  • 24/7 resource for reaching out to your instructor with ANY questions via Text

  • Detailed responses, and expert level explanations

  • Clear (non-face-to-face)video instruction & video-feed-back.

  • Help with planning/achieving short-term & long-term goals

1 Month — Guided & Organized Package.

Includes everything in the weekly Basic Package & more.

Optional-Webpage or iOS Notes📄

•exercise/skill demonstrations •diagrams •glossaries

Additional 15min(or longer) video-calls included; for introducing new topics & mechanics.

22% Saving

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-Amount of videos calls included in monthly plan are subject to change based on available times, & necessity.

-Text response-time may vary due to time-zone differences & normal life circumstances.

-Prices may slightly vary month-to-month(up or down), due to currency fluctuations & available student slots. You will always be updated via booking page prior to purchasing a new package

Freequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How soon can I expect a response when messaging my instructor? 
    On average responses a very timely.

  2. Can my Instructor be available for a specific time?
    Yes, upon request; your instructor can be available at any time regardless of time-zone.

  3. Will my Instructor expect anything of me?
    Nothing other than, Curiosity, Honesty, & Transparency. 

  4. What happens when my subscription ends?
    You decide when to re-subscribe, there is no auto-renew.

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