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OCT Galaxy Cheer Klubb

Resources by AcroDudes

BELOW you can find some additional resources we provide for OCT Galaxy Athletes & Coaches.


Friday Trainings


Friday Training at Leirskallen 2, 1164 (Nordstrand Turn).

THIS is where Galaxy Athletes get to explore their Acrobatic-abilities, under the safety-net of an Advanced Gym Facility & professional supervision. 

Skills List

In order to GROW as an athlete, athletes must be aware of what options are out there, this is why we created a designated SKILLS LIST, for athletes who are looking direction & inspiration. This list includes BOTH tricks that will be expected of them to learn (based on their team needs) and tricks they likely have never heard of, but can drastically help build their foundation for ANYTHING they might do in the future. 


Must be a member of Galaxy

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