What is the best way?

(The second Spotting technique shown in this video, was designed at AcroDudes to give the best, long lasting results.)

For years, Coaches have Spotted Back-Tucks,

in 1 of 2 ways; & ignored when they failed.

  • A: Grabbing the person half-way into the move, then helping the person rotate themselves. (shown in video)

  • B: Initially holding the lower back, and using the opposite arm to "throw the legs over". (not in video)

Neither of these 2 methods lead to a TRUE understanding of the back-tuck; 

Could this be why I can't back-tuck now?

Absolutely, a lot of the barriers for this skill have been TAUGHT to you.

Due to a lack of understanding, Coaches often believe and teach INCORRECT things like

"you MUST just very high"

"You have to PULL harder"

IF you're practicing with the wrong goal in mind, you are guaranteed to get the wrong result.

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