Fridays at Leirskallen

Groups & Times:

19:00-20:00 - Groups 2 and 4

20:00-21:00 - Group 3

In order to get the MOST out of Friday trainings, we have arranged for everyone to be in groups that match their current abilities.

Use this page, to decide what group best suits you.

Each Friday, athletes have the option to join the group of their skill level, or one that is less advanced.

example: if you qualify for group 4, you can attend the practice time for group 3 & 2; but do not expect to train skills that are taught/trained in group 4.

How to choose the right group?

1. Check each group to see what skills you are able to perform (at Frydenberg Skole.)

2. After figuring out what group(s) you qualify to train with, register on the Gnist App

3. If for some reason you cannot decide where you belong, fill out this form and you will receive an email with what group(s) you can join.





If you can do all the skills below

  • ForwardRoll

  • Kick-up to Handstand

  • Bridge

  • Cartwheel

...then you qualify to train in this group (2)




(all without help)..


a) Standing BHS (Flikk Flakk)

c) Cartwheel Step-in BHS  *

d) Round Off *

e) Connective-BHS (no arm-swing), on any bouncy surface.

f) Round off - BHS

i) Round off - Multiple BHS

...then you qualify to train in this group (3)




If you are able to perform the following skill necessary to qualify to train in group 3, and the additional skills bellow..

A B C D E F + H I J

h) Standing Multiple BHS

i) Round off - Multiple BHS

j) Round off - BHS - Back tuck

...then you qualify to train in this group (4)

We can help you choose
Select ALL the skills the Athlete can do AT FRYDENBERG

Thanks for submitting!